Value Added Pork Market is located in Hull, Iowa in Sioux County. Sioux County is the number one pork producting county in the USA.  We offer a complete service of buying and selling all classes and weights of hogs.  Value Added Pork Market procures hogs for domestic, speciality and ethnic markets across the USA, as well as several international markets, including Mexico.

   Producers, remember you do not have to take the huge deduction the major packers give for your cleanouts. Spend a few extra minutes to sort out your cleanouts and  increase your bottom line. We are here to add value to your hog production.

   Whether buying or selling give us a call.  We buy 5 days a week and hogs are paid for upon delivery.  We have become one of the leading hog markets in the Midwest and strive to provide excellent service and offer top dollar for your hogs.

We are located at 
2966 US 75 Ave
Hull, IA 51239.

712-439-1426 Office
712-439-2153 Fax

Rob Mouw 712-395-0272
Kevin De Bruin 712-441-2477
Dan Mouw: 712-541-4397

Office Manager 
Craig Sandbulte

Kevin DeBruin: 712-441-2477


Value Added Pork Risk Management Services
Dan Mouw 712-541-4397

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